Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello to my friends about to get drunk on Friday on green beer.  Moderation is the key.  Salute St. Patrick, but don't make a drunk out of it. Have a couple beers, but  that's it.  No one really likes green puke, anyway.  If you have to hurl, hurl somewhere on the green landscape.  Everything is poking out of the snow, especially nearer the home.  Heat and sunshine are all it takes.  Darken up those areas, for that attracts the sun.  They should be unfrozen within a day.  Fish, fish, fish!  All the fish you  could ever want unfrozen in a day.  Something smells fishy to me about our agreement.  Something smells fishy about my online terms.  Real money, OK?  Not lukewarm promises that never come true.

What the hell happened to all of the plow drivers this morning?  I was out from 10 a.m to noon and never saw a government plow.  Apparently, they're saving up for major snow removal tonight.  I hope so.  Some highways were impassable because of the drifting snow.

Clean up the roads, boys, and on Friday you get green beer.  Please have a designated driver, and get shit faced.  When I've been the designated driver, I don't even go into the place(s).  I drop my friends off and tell them to call me when they're ready to go.  I've never found it interesting to watch someone else get drunk.  I'd rather go online and await the call in a few hours.  I can nap, too.  Whatever.  St. Patrick's Day has become a big, hyped-up mess, like most of our holidays now.  It certainly condones the consumption of alcohol, and lots of it.  Just like most of our holidays.  Most Wisconsinites don't need too much prodding to have a shot and a beer or two on any given day.  No wonder our highway fatalities compare poorly with other states. 

The liquor lobby in Wisconsin is huge and multifaceted.  One way or another, you're going to pay.  You can pay now while it's clean and easy, or wait until it's a mess.  No matter what else happens this time of year, St. Paddy's is a great day for a cop to hustle and/or drink.  Just don't push it.  Let it unfold, instead.  This Friday.  Be there or be square. The best of the state vs. the best of the rebels  Wow.

I'll bet you that my dad is working in a bookie joint.  That's where this road leads.  Want out?  Contact

Well, the JT Irregulars wish that the road may rise up to meet you as you fall on your drunken face.
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