Monday, April 24, 2017


Yesterday I was in the express check-out lane when I suddenly realized I didn’t have enough money to cover my purchases.  This is always embarrassing.  You have to decide what to put back.  But yesterday, a woman in line behind me asked how much I needed.  “At least a dollar,” I said.  She gave a dollar to the cashier, who donated 30 cents of his own.  So I only had to add 6 cents.

There still are decent people out there.


That night, I called my pal, John, and asked to borrow $20.  Then I promptly fell asleep.  (Damn this disease!)  I awoke at 3 AM to find that John had let himself in and left $20 on the kitchen table.


This is a tough time of year for me because it’s when most landscape projects start.  I so miss the soil.  I miss kicking my spade into the ground.  All of the flowering trees, the sounds of a chainsaw, somebody mowing their lawn – they all get to me.

Yesterday, while driving home from the store, I saw two different people mowing their lawns.  I burst into tears and had to pull over.

I gave up landscape to take care of my mother, the woman who gave my toys to other children when I was growing up.  What an idiot.  I thought there was some honor or something in doing that.  Huh.  So, instead of enjoying a decent retirement, I’m a pauper most of the time.  I must be the only dope who actually believed what the Church was preaching as I grew up.  No one told me it was all a scam.


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