Thursday, April 27, 2017

Open Blog - Thursday

SHIT to you.


OrbsCorbs said...

I've clawed back three points on my kidneys. Plus one earlier. The only things i've done is continue taking my blood pressure meds and I switched from Nexium to Pepcid. This is NOT going to beat me.

OrbsCorbs said...

Btw, all of the good suggestions for treating my kidney disease have come from me, not my nephrologist. He admits it.

He has plenty of diabetics and others with kidney problems to care for. One more or less doesn't matter. He goes through 7 years of med school and makes hundreds of thousands of dollars. I scour the web for ideas that work, but I have to pay him. There's a nationwide investigation occurring over Nexium and other proton pump inhibitors and the damage they do to kidneys. This is in preparation for a class action lawsuit. I've taken Nexium forever. It was a buddy of mi e who heard about this on NPR. I looked it up on the net. Yup, it's happening.

So, the next time I see my nephrologist, I ask him about it. He's aware of it but mumbled some shit about it being all nephrologists' fault. I started taking Pepcid the next day. Two weeks later, I've gained 3 points. I'm very happy to have gained anything and I'm learning more and more that my nephrologist is a stinker. I may request a change of physicians.

Anonymous said...

Three points doesn't sound like much, but it is HUGE.

Homeopathic medicine is on the rise.
Traditional doctors are slow to embrace such "Quackery" that doesn't involve drug companies.
But we know who the real "quacks" are.

OrbsCorbs said...

I know. I've gained back 4 of the ten points I lost. Originally, my nephrologist said there's little to no chance to regain lost ground. I refuse to believe that and have acted accordingly. I see my nephrologist again next Wednesday.

Homeopathic medicine is on the rise for a good reason: it works, without damaging other organs or costing a fortune.

Most of my MDs dislike me because I don't stay within the bounds of a normal patient/doctor relationship. I do NOT accept their words to be the final end all. I speak up and ask the hard questions. When they lie to me, I call them on it. My primary care doctor was so freaked out by this behavior that he once literally ran from the examination room. The last time I saw my ex-shrink, I told him that all MDs are liars, and that included him.

Tender Heart Bear said...

Daddy Orbs the main thing is that your gaining the points. I am so happy about that for you.

I know how some doctors can be because they wanted me to stay on some meds and I took myself off of them. The reason I took myself off is because I could not sleep or I just did not feel right when I took them.

Tender Heart Bear said...

What happened to Madame Z I hope she is alright I miss her blog.

OrbsCorbs said...

I think she was getting her kidneys checked.