Tuesday, May 30, 2017


This past weekend Drew and I took a trip to Horicon Marsh in Lomira Wi.. I just could not believe how many people showed up there to look for all the different birds. Drew was able to get some picture of two new life birds for himself when we went there. He was so excited about this and he talked about it all the way home and then when he downloaded the pictures and seen them he was so happy with how they turned out. Here are the pictures for are little adventure this past weekend.

                                                            This is an Eastern Kingbird

                                    This is a Glossy Ibis and this is one of Drew's life birds.

                                  This is a King Rail and this is the other life bird for Drew.

                                                               This is a Foresters Tern

                                      This is a Great Egret and he has something in his beak.

                                              These are Trumpeter Swans with the babies.

                                                         This is a Yellow Billed Cuckoo.

We hope everyone enjoys the pictures because we have fun going out and taking the pictures to share with all of you.


OrbsCorbs said...

As always, the pictures are beautiful. I saw THB and drew shortly after he took his photos. The man has a passion for bird watching. Thank you, THB, for posting the pics.

Anonymous said...

Much better than watching someone flipping us the bird.
Thanks Drew and THB for the fine pics