Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Dear Madame Zoltar

Glub glub glub.  Glub glub glub glub.   GLUB!  There, I finally managed to overcome the riptide.  It's a little 'damp' outdoors, so take your galoshes.You know, this still doesn't mean a cool and wet summer.  Or a cool and wet fall.  I love Wisconsin weather.  It's like playing the lottery for free.

Btw, someone just won the Wisconsin Megabucks lottery.  Bought the ticket at a liquor store.  It's for over a million dollars.  That will buy a lot of booze.

Have you noticed that the Journal Times site is getting more crowded than ever with ads?  Some of the stories are almost unreadable.

It's done nothing but get worse with age.It's almost as if the Board of Directors spend time discussing great content and investigative reporting.  Then they do a 180 on the stories and reporting. It's like a death wish.  How low will Lee Enterprises allow them to swing?

How low can Mr. Mayor Sir Godamnit go?  I have an image of him sneaking out into the night to steal all of Racine's money that he can and then running off to his new job.  I'm sure Ms. Connolay has configured some sort of kickback for him.

You know, if you can pull back and look at the larger picture, Racine's actions read like a crappy drugstore novel.  Or worse.  I'm ashamed to say where I live anymore.  I live in the lawlessness that is Racine.

On the home front, Junior still wants his own car and our reply is still "get a job and buy one."  That usually shuts him up.  Where is it written that every parent is required to supply their child with a car?  I love Junior with all of my heart, but he's getting a little heavy to be carried around.

Well, gang, I love each and every one of you.  You never cause me any problems.  Imagine a family like that.  I can't.  Thank you for stopping by today and giving my blog a glance.

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Watch the weather ball bounce this week.  It's nuts.
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Anonymous said...

The journal times sucks!
Time to start Zoltar News.

Tender Heart Bear said...

You are right about the weather but also the river does not need anymore rain either.

Madame Z I told my kids the same thing about a car. If they took my car they had to fill the gas tank to where I had it.