Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hi, mom and dad, little sister and little brother!  It's time once again for that fabulous blog, "Dear Madame Zoltar," the blog that asks the musical question, "Who let the dogs out?" 

We've been experiencing some wonderful weather.  It's actually in the 80's.  Yesterday, too.  Unfortunately, more rain is in the forecast.  Farmers can't get out into their fields to plant.  Why not use drones to plant the seeds?  These wild swings in weather are blamed on climate change.  We've just begun to experience that.  Give it a few more years.  I predict that things are going to get real crazy.

As I write this, the children from the school next door are out screaming.  It starts at 10 AM and continues to 4 or so.  For recess, all the children seem to do is scream and scream and scream.  Are they ever in class? Earlier today, a lot of the kids were yelling, "Woo!"  So I started to yell it back through my window.  That was fun.

Last night, Mr. lying John gave his last state of the city speech, and then got teary-eyed as he talked about the felons he calls friends.  Please, Mr. lying John, stop with the formalities and just get the hell out of office.  NOW!  We've been raped almost constantly since this pig made it to office and we'll need some time to heal.  Heck, maybe I'll run for mayor.  I couldn't do worse than the criminals we now have in office.  If elected, I promise a roundabout at every intersection.

I'd also get rid of the City Administrator position.  What an inglorious waste of over $100K every year.  If Mr. Tom Freidel had an ethical bone in his body, he'd return half of his pay.  Ack-ptoo!  I get very worked up when talking about the thieves that have destroyed Racine.  Every last one of those pigs should be proscuted to the fullrst extent of the law.  Of course, when your City Attorney is part of the problem, it's difficult to see daylight.

Well, Junior has continued to drive Señor Zanza's car with no apparent problem, except he can't afford much gasoline.  Too bad.  Get a part-time job, Junior, and start living like an adult.  Junior lnows that Señor Zanza is a soft touch as opposed to me.  So he constantly asks to borow his car instead of mine. He already knows the answer I'll give him.

Thank you for reading my blog this week.  I love you all and wish you the best.  Better keep a jacket in the car until we know for sure that winter is done.

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Watch out for kids playing in the street.  That's where all my boyfriends played baseball.  If you encounter a "boom car," be sure to give him the finger for me.  When one of thoose is stopped at a light, I like to sidle up next to him, put on some Rammstein full blast, and then lower my windows.They give me dirty looks.  How dare I interrupot their atempt to inflict themselves on others?  Ha-ha! Enjoy.

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