Sunday, May 7, 2017

I Fired My Shrink

First off, it was a hell of a drive to see a physician.  Just off of Hwy.50 and I-94 in Kenosha. Second, he rarely met my eyes, usually talking to a computer screen and typing.  He would constantly pick at his beard and even pick his nose. Third or fourth, his "therapy" for me was to constantly repeat that I"m a nice guy and I should get out more.  Fifth (and this is a big one), he knew nothing of alcoholism  Every time we met, he asked me if I had cravings for booze.  I'd try to explain to him that I've been sober for 24 years and the only time I thought of booze was when he brought it up.

The only reason I got together with this guy is that my old shrink recommended him.  Turns out she's never met him; only heard about him.  I'll look around for another shrink but I don't expect much.  I called Ascension the other day looking for a shrink.They told me that their shrinks no longer accept Medicare and supplemental insurance.  Bullshit.  The shrinks get paid the same no matter what. Obviously, the business office has decided to take advantage of the severe shortage of shrinks in Racine.  Bastards. Making money off of the suffering of others.

I can get my primary care doctor to prescribe all of the psych meds for me.  We've done this before.  How much you wanna bet that with the proper credentials, I could pretend to be a shrink? Hell, I'm beginning to think I could fake being a nephrologist, too.  He's now taking orders from me because he can't figure it out on his own.  Last time I was there, he said, "I'll see you in six months." He looked at me and I was shaking my head.  "Three months?' he asked.  "OK," I said.  I don't particularly want to see him, but I want test results.

If you have a good doctor, hang onto him or her as long as you can.  I suspect the majority of MDs are pigs.  If I croak, it's no big deal to my doctors because they have plenty of other patients.  When I asked my nephrologist if he had told his other patients on Nexium about my experience,  he said, "No, I'm not going to mess with someone's drug schedule if they're doing alright.  You're the first patient I've had with this Nexium problem."  Or maybe I'm the thousandth.  My numbers dropped., and I suggested Nexium was at fault.  He didn't do shit.  So who knows how many patients of his have croaked when switching from Nexium might have helped.  Nexium probably gives the kidney doctors a nice vacation in the Caribbean for keeping thier mouths shut.

I trust no MDs.  None.  If you start asking questions and they start retreating, you probably have a liar/loser for an MD.  I've had plenty.

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