Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Open Blog- Wednesday

Just fine.


OKIE said...

It was a wonderful 4 day weekend. Now trying to get back into the work mode. While out in the back yard I heard a lot of pounding. Seems like my neighbor is getting ready to re-open Old McDonalds farm. I'm pretty sure I heard chickens yesterday. Personally I don't get it. Her house has been for sale for a few months. Problem is, she hasn't trimmed any bushes in the front for about 2 years so there is a lot of over-growth. In fact it's the worst house in the neighborhood in that regard. One would think she would spend the money on that. Strange. You can't ask for $20,000 over the County Assessors assessment without making it appealing.

I'm also not sure how the new cat Ginger (okay we found out Ginger is a he but we already named him) will react to the new chickens. Time will tell. Ginger is a hunter. She has brought us back a few treats which I won't describe.

legal stranger said...

In gingers eyes- those new neighborhood feathered friends will act like a chick magnet - HA

OrbsCorbs said...

Most cats bring their owners mice that they've caught. You must not have mice, but plenty of frogs. When a few of your neighbor's chickens disappear, it'd be really cool if you were eating chicken when she asks you about it.

Do you know what she's asking for the house? Maybe Ill move to Oklahoma.

Tender Heart Bear said...

OKIE- Should we say you live next door to Old McDonald's Farm from now on?

With all the fireworks going off by us the last time I looked at the clock it was midnight. Thank you so much to the annoying neighbors.

OKIE said...

Orbs - she's asking $240,000, I think it's a little much. And he's brought home 2 mice and a baby rabbit. Crazy cat. Right now both of them keep jumping on the desk. I think they need some attention. So much for a quiet lunch.