Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my tater tots.  How are you?  Have you been enjoying the cool weather we've been getting?  I've actually had to sleep under a sheet the last two nights.  Senor Zanza is no help.  He just snores away, oblivious to everything.

Our Green Bay Packers meet the Washington Redskins in a preseason game this Saturday at 6:30 pm at FedEx Field.  Unless you're privy to the coach's thoughts, preseason games can easily give you the wrong impression.  A coach might try out his secondary.  He might authorize Hail Mary passes.  You never know what to expect in a preseason game.

Looks like we don't know what to expect from our Common Council, either.  Dickert is barely gone, and already they're spending like drunk sailors.  The latest thing is a retreat for Council Members to the tune of over $8,000.  A retreat.  From Racine, in Racine.  Sheesh.

How about a retreat for every single citizen in Racine?  We all need to get to know each other and get those warm fuzzies inside.  It would probably cost a few million, but all we have to is take down some more streetlights. Dickert has shown us the way.  Let's use that knowledge to rip ourselves off while it's still fresh in our minds.  Aldermen should be able to come up with all sorts of ways to foolishly spend money.  I still like the idea of rubber sidewalks and think all of the downtown area should be paved with them.  That way, when a drunk, er, I mean, patron of the arts falls, the fall will be cushioned by the rubbery sidewalk.

And do we really need enough lights for a landing strip on State St. near downtown?  They illuminate all of the nothing that we have.  They are bright, I'll give you that, but you should've seen the way cousin Romero lit up when he stuck his hand in the light socket.  Maybe we can get a couple hundred Romeros to man the light stations each nigh.  When a car or truck goes by, they can stick their hands in the sockets.  Much more creative than just some dumb lights.  When asked about the lights, City Hall thought they might be LEDs (from Cree).  When I suggested turning them down or off to save money, I was told that they have to be turned on to save money (

I have purchased some of those LEDs for the home.  They're very expensive, but the manufacturers claim that you save money over the life of the bulb.  I've had 3 LEDs burn out in less than a year.  That's saving money?  At least stop repeating the lie about LEDs lasting longer than regular lights.  It's not true.  Stop using your customer base to run lighting experiments. And stop producing insane $12 light bulbs that no light shade can connect to and telling us it's an anomaly when an LED burns out early.  Lies, lies, lies.  Lies ruin everything.  Especially government.

OK, this next video was forwarded to me and I present it as is, sans comment:

Why do we the people always have to give our politicians a kick in the ass to get them to do anything?

That's it, my dears.  I so enjoy bringing this blog to you and I'm extremely grateful for the readers that I have. Pretty soon Junior will be back in school and the household will become more peaceful.  I like it that way.  Quiet.

Enjoy the weather while we have it.  You know who I always think of when I think of the outdoors?  SER.  I don't know why, but I do.  I still miss him dearly.  Please be careful, the rest of you.  I can't afford to lose anymore readers.  In fact, I better "draft" some.  People will suddenly come out of their spells of reading Dear Madame Zoltar.  I love you all.  I always have.
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