Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Dear Madame Zoltar

Calling all curs.  He-he.  Welcome to my blog.  I'm here to entertain and piss people off.  I often do the latter without even trying, or knowing.  Then again, the people of Racine have been screwed over by their "leaders" so many times with0out realizing it that I'm in "good" company.  The weather has been good lately, too.  It's cooling down a little as we aim for fall.  I've even seen some trees dropping leaves, and they weren't ashes.

Speaking of ash trees, it's a shame what the emerald ash borer has done.  It's decimated the east and moves steadily westward.  They are here.  We have tons of ash trees in Racine.  if they're not treated, they will die.  This reminds me of Dutch Elm Disuse from my childhood.  I lived on an elm tree lined street.  It was beautiful.  The elms vase-like shape made for a wonderful "tunnel effect."  Then Dutch Elm Disease struck and boom, my street was denuded.  That's the risk of monoculture (planting only one species of plant).  If something comes along, like the emerald ash borer, everything gets wiped out.  It's much smarter to plant a wide variety of trees so that the disappearance of one species isn't as devastating.  It's a lesson hard won and I would have hoped that the city Forestry Department would learn from the Dutch Elm disaster.  Apparently not.  Now watch the trees disappear.  It's ghastly.

Foxconn is making fools of us all.  As soon as they get some money, they'll be gone, on to the next community to fleece.  They talk about starting out with 3,000 employees.  I wonder where they'll get them from?  Many of our unemployed can't even read.  Many don't want o work, instead sucking on the pipe all day.  If it happens, I think we'll see a great influx of commuters from Milwaukee and maybe even Chicago.  If Foxconn stays, eventually there will be housing built near the plant.  Meanwhile, our students are illiterate.  The only job they're suited for is making babies and milking the system,  Too bad the ghetto doesn't recognize a good work ethic as a plus.  However, let me make one thing clear: I don't believe Foxconn will build a plant in Racine County, even if we do give them $3 billion.  Uh, that's quite a large incentive.  I know people who would kill for less.

I think our fantasy football draft was this past weekend.  Now I need to set up my team, which will roll over all opposition, especially the Mighty Bears, who I'll roll over two or three times.  I visited OrbsCorbs and his building manager was putting up football decorations.  She was using a yellow (gold) backing in all of the frames in the lobby and then she put paper footballs in them.  I told her she was missing the green for the Packers' green and gold.   She looked at my severely and said, "I don't dare.  We have some Chicago Bears fans here and they would rip those decorations right off of the walls."  I guess Bears fans are naturally nasty;; right, Ms. Tender Heart Bear?  Packer fans just want to eat brats and drink beer.  Bears fans should be run through a metal detector before they're allowed into the stadium.

Did you know that we have a fellow advice columnist in the Shepherd Express?  Her name is Ruthie:  She's so much more active in the community than I am.  I guess I'll just eat another Whopper with large fries and a Coke.

That's it, my friends and lovers.  Time to stop this and get on with the rest of the day.  I'm so glad you've taken the time to read my blog.  I hope you enjoy it.  The only thing I like more than readers is satisfied readers.

Enjoy the three day weekend that is approaching.  Be careful of the traffic and crowds.  I want all of my Irregulars to have a great time.  If you have young ones, keep a sharp eye on them.  Child molesters grow bolder by the day.  I love you all!
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