Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my favorite friends!  How are you?  Our beautiful weather continues.  Meanwhile, Texas is all but underwater.  Oh my.  I've read that the E. Coli. in the flood waters is 125 times what is considered safe.  Many people will get sick just from wading through the water.  And then there are the hazardous chemicals that have been released/overrun.  They're already talking about $180 billion to help the state.  And more hurricanes are forming.  While I brag about our weather, the South is being destroyed by storms.  Help out if you can.

Donald Trump appears to be overwhelmed by the responsibilities of his job.  He keeps shouting out zingers and one liners, but these do nothing to help any situation.  North Korea detonated a hydrogen bomb.  I don't know where they're getting the technology from, but China seems like a likely perpetrator.  The man-child running the country is a psycho.  How do you deal with a heavily armed insane person?  Take him down.  We should just blow the hell out of Pongyong and free the people to rejoin with South Korea.  Perhaps that will stop some of the mass starvation that plagues the North.  Don't discuss it, just do it!  Screw what other countries say..  Do they ever listen to us.  We have a lot of weight to throw around on the world stage and I think it's time we started using some of that to our advantage.  The man-child must go.

Hey-hey, the Packers are playing this coming Sunday.  They're hosting Seattle at 3:30 PM.  Kill 'em, please, Packers.  Do what Trump should do to North Korea.  Drop the mother of all bombs on Seattle.  Don't just win, but destroy the other team.  It's the new American way.  If you don't like it, talk to Donald Trump about it.  Meanwhile, go, Pack, go!

Racine has six people officially running for mayor.  My candidate is Sandy Wiedner.  No matter weho wins, it cannot be Cory Mason.  Elect Mason and it will mean just more of Dickert-style politics.  Mason has absolutely no qualms about stomping all over your rights in order to gain his objectives.  Mason for mayor would be the death knell for Racine.  He loves to spend our money, any way he can.  And you know what qualifies him to be mayor?  No, neither do I.

Let me give a huge shout out to all of the road construction going on in Racine.  Sometimes now you have to drive 10 or more miles out of your way to get to where you want to be.  Every major thoroughfare has construction on it, and half the side streets are ripped up, too.  I simply hate driving anywhere in Racine now  But I have to drive it in order to pass the emissions test.  My car was having electrical problems.  When they work on the electrical, they disconnect the battery.  That, in turn, wiped out the history of my engine.  I have to drive it a full cycle before I can have it tested again.  Meanwhile, I have temporary plates on my car ($8) to give me another month to meet the standards.  Junior wants to get in there and fiddle around, but I told him, "No way!"  I'll just drive it for a couple of weeks and take it back in.  If I don't pass again, I'm placing the dreaded Zoltar Curse on them.

That's it, boys and girls.  I hope you all get out and enjoy some of this weather.  Know why?  Because I love you.

Be kind to one another unless some knob-shine insists upon ruining your day.  Then just kick him in the nuts and be on your way.  We don't have time for hatred anymore.  In fact, I worry about how much time we all have left.  I love you all
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OrbsCorbs said...

Thank you for your blog, Madame Z.

Maybe we could get lying John a position in the North Korean government. He would have them on their knees in no time.