Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, JT Irregulars!  How are you?  Hasn't the weather been just perfect?  Beautiful day after beautiful day.  It kind of makes me feel guilty because of all the devastation caused down south by hurricanes and tropical storms.  I guess that if this is climate change, so far I like it.

In regard to those storms in the south, I pray that things improve soon.  There are tens of thousands of people without power.  And, of course, there's all the flooding.  I watched the video that Mr. OrbsCorbs posted about looting:  I must say that I hold the looters in the same regard as murderers and child molesters.  Given the slightest opportunity, certain elements of our society immediately revert to criminal behavior.  So much for civilization.

Hey, hey!  Our Green Bay Packers won their first season opening game. Next up is Atlanta, Sept. 17, 8:30 PM.  Cream them, please.

As for the Irregular Football League:

Life is good at the top.

Kenosha has dropped out of the running for the new Foxconn facility.  That gives me even further pause about the project.  It's "too good to be true" and too expensive.  Gateway better set up a campus immediately next door to Foxconn.  There's no bullshitting manufacturers about skills, so you better learn them.  If Foxconn goes through, it will draw from Racine, Kenosha, Milwaukee, and Cook counties.  It will be closer to the interstate rather than further.  You'll need dependable wheels.  Maybe the bus will provide a Ryde.

Sorry to be so cynical, but the people of Racine also have to fight off he idiot officials who want to build an "events center"and hotel on Lake Ave.  And I suspect that it will be built, and become another huge white elephant for Racine.  And once it's discovered that it's a big money pit, no one will accept responsibility for the building.  In a few years, we'll have to knock it down because no one goes there and maintenance has been deferred.  And so it goes.

Kim-yung-hung-dung keeps threatening us.  Again, I urge Mr. Trump to drop another of those "mother of all bombs" on Pyonglongdong.  And if he shoots any missiles at us or our allies, shoot it down and then deliver ten times the missile's destructive power to North Korea.  Either that, or a Royal Rumble cage match between Kim-yung-hung-dung and Trump.  My money is on the biggest clown.

Thank you for reading my blog this week.  If you see Mr. OrbsCorbs anywhere this week, be nice to him.  They're redoing his attic and then roofing it.  The noise has been incredible..  They're expected to go at it again today.

Enjoy the weather if you can.  Already a lot of trees are turning color.  Catch the show while you can.  It's so foggy now that you can't see anything.  It will clear.  Have a good week.
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