Saturday, September 23, 2017

"Fire Reported At Tiny Home Village"

Racine County Eye

"Update 10:18 a.m.: No formal determination has been made by investigators as to the cause of the fire. However, members of the Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin were told the fire may have started after several cloth rags, whichused to put apply stain cumbusted.

"Original story: Firefighters are on scene after a shed caught fire about 6 a.m. Friday morning at tiny home village located behind the Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin, 1624 Yout St.

"Operation Tiny Home is working with the veterans support services group and Zack Giffin to finish building the veterans’ homes. The fire has been put out, but fire investigators have been called to determine the cause of the fire. There was no electricity going to the shed, which contained gardening supplies and the cabinets being used in building the last home.

"Jeff Gustin, executive director of the Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin, said he doesn’t understand how a fire can just start when there is no electricity going to the building.

"'There were stain cans around there,' he said. 'I hope it was something silly like that. If it wasn’t, it would kill me to know someone would run into our yard and do this.'

"Home Depot is replacing the cabinets."


"Silly??!!!"  They're lucky they didn't suffer an explosion.  Spontaneous combustion is real, especially in a pile of oily rags.  Use a metal container, with a top, for those rags.  Wash them as soon as possible.

Nice gesture, Home Depot.

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