Thursday, October 26, 2017

"13 Psychology Tricks That Work On Anybody"

I can attest to the power of Number 10.  My old boss in the auto repair biz sold shit left and right.  He was a short, ugly. pock-marked man, yet somehow he made sale after sale.  I studied him.  I noticed that when he talked to a customer, he looked them right in the eye while slightly nodding his head.  Pretty soon the customer was nodding his head in agreement.

I probably could have done as well as my old boss, but I had ethics.  An elderly woman came in for exhaust work.  Her 1972 Plymouth Valiant needed a muffler, and only a muffler.  It was the lowest part of her exhaust system and condensation puddled there.  It was our 'lifetime' muffler, which meant we should have replaced hers at no charge.  More importantly, her engine had rod knock.  It was soon going to be junk, or require extensive repair.  My old boss didn't care.  He sold her an entire exhaust system.  He never mentioned her engine.  I would have replaced her muffler w/o charge and advised her to get the car to her mechanic fast.  That's why I never got as rich as some of the managers.

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Anonymous said...

Rich is a state of mind.
Reality is both state of mind and pocketbook.