Saturday, October 7, 2017

"Affidavit: Patient stabbed psychiatrist more than 160 times"

"WICHITA, Kan. - A slain Kansas psychiatrist was stabbed more than 160 times at his clinic in Wichita last month, according to a newly released arrest affidavit for a patient charged in the attack.

"Umar Dutt, 21, is jailed on $1 million bond on charges of first-degree murder in Dr. Achutha Reddy's Sept. 13 killing at his Holistic Psychiatry Services clinic."

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After fighting for two weeks to get a prescription filled that I used to take regularly, and still not getting it, I'm beginning to have some thoughts . . .  Why do they lie and say I have no appointment scheduled?  When I tell then the exact time of my appointment, they say I haven,'t seen this healthcare provider before.  When I give them that time and date, they say it's "someone else's" fault.  Who?  God only knows.

When I was a kid and someone screwed up, that person was sought out in order to prevent future screw-ups.  We no longer do that.  There are a million things now that are "nobody's" fault.  Dysfunction reigns supreme while daily life becomes more and more of a chore.  If you don't like it, too bad.  It's the wave of the future.


OrbsCorbs said...

I finally figured it out: it's a form of communism, really, to force everyone to share in one person's fault. And don't give me no lip on commies. I learned from my father who left his homeland with his young bride to escape the incoming commies who never left. I HATE commies. And it's their form of thinking that's sneaking into our politics. All that touchy feely shit is from communists.

Anonymous said...

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