Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my hot dogs and cool cats!  How are you?  I've seen better days, but at least I'm still upright (most of the time).  What a crappy day, weather-wise.  At least there isn't any of the s-word, yet.  It will get here, sooner or later.  I wonder if Wisconsin has ever had a winter without the s-word?  We had an extremely nice summer and fall isn't turning out too bad.  Maybe we'll have a mild winter.  One can only hope and pray.  Wisconsin weather has a way of lulling us into complacency, and then, WHAM, you've got 8 inches of s-word  to deal with.  No matter what, we'll see little of the sun until next spring.  I hate the endless gray skies.  Oh hell, I hate winter.  What am I doing in Wisconsin?  Why aren't I in Florida?  I'm sure they have as much a need of psychics as Wisconsin has.  Hmm.  I'd have to sell my house.  It might be worth it to avoid the s-word, but they have tropical storms and hurricanes in Florida.  No matter where you go, there's a price to be paid.

Aaron Rodgers is on a roll. Let's hope that helps our glorious Green Bay Packers when they travel to the Minnesota Vikings' turf this Sunday at 1:00 pm.  The Packers have a 4-1 record so far.  Let's not talk Super Bowl just yet.  I think that queers our chances anyway.

Here are the Irregular Football League's standings:

That darn Half-Astrophysicist has a perfect record.  At least Mr. OrbsCorbs is in the basement where he belongs.  And I'm still number two.  What's a girl going to do?

I feel that I must make note of the madness in Las Vegas.  I now expect about one mass murder a week.  This is on top of all the other crimes committed by the populace.  We've gone crazy!  I think that each mass murder may encourage another one.  You don't need a gun.  Just hop into your car and plow into the largest group of people that you can find.  No car?  No worries.  Just car-jack one.  Be sure to get something big in order to maximize your impression upon the innocents.

God, I felt sick as I watched events unfold in Las Vegas.  Another insane dodo bird decided to unload on innocent people enjoying an outdoor concert.  He planned it for days.  Can a person "snap" and then continue to act "normal" for days before going off the deep end?  I really don't understand the psychology of mass murderers.  I wonder if they could articulate it any better.  I fear not, so our country is going to suffer attack after attack until someone figures this out.

I also note, with great sadness, the passing of Tom Petty.  It seems like he was always there and now it's too weird without him.  I especially admire his songwriting skills.  He knew how to pen a hook.  I never saw him in concert, but I don't remember him ever coming to a nearby venue.  God bless, Tom.  You guys must be having a hell of a Traveling Wilbury concert up there.

As for Foxconn: Fuck That Shit.  The politicians are wetting their pants over this.  I hope they drown in their own urine.

Thank you for reading my blog this week.  I love putting these together once a week.  I hope you enjoy reading them.  If nothing else, they keep us out of trouble for fifteen minutes or so every week.

Enjoy what you can of the nasty weather.  It's our introduction to the 2017-18 winter.  I bet if lying John were still mayor, he would do something about the weather.  How can you miss a criminal so much?  He was always sticking his foot in his mouth, or his ear, or his nose, or whatever.  We miss you, lying John.  You had a huge target painted on your back and it was always fun to take a shot.
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OrbsCorbs said...

I have a perfect record, too: all losses. I've been fighting for two weeks to get logged back into the league. Apparently, I lost my password. I just lose and lose. Jack Kerouac once said, "Life is loss."