Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my partners in crime.  Two of my worst nightmares came to fruition this week: Aaron Rodgers breaking his other collar bone and Cory Mason winning the Racine mayor's race.  At least the weather has been nice.  The cool is catching up with us, though.  Some major holidays will arrive in the net few months.  Up next: Halloween.  Boo!

Cory Mason winning the mayor's job was a foregone conclusion by the good ol' boys.  Personally, I can't stand the man.  Don't invite both of us to the same soiree.  Mr. Mason = Mr. Dickert.  Why can't Racine catch a beak?

A break?  Did I mention a break?  Like Aaron Rodgers' collar bone?  One tackle and an entire team's season changes.  It's Rodgers' throwing arm, so expect some special exercise and care.  Soon after Rodgers left the field, things took a turn for the worse.  We lost.  And with Rodgers out for the rest of the season, we better get used to losing.  Oh crap.

Here are this week's Irregular Football League standings:

How did "Amanda's Crazy Team" slip past me?  At least Mr. OrbsCorbs has been consistent: he's on the bottom week after week.

I've been in psychic contact with most of the other mediums around here, trying to dig up the truth about Yellowstone's Super Volcano.  Almost all agree that the media are now downplaying the risk because there's nothing we can do anyway.  If it blows, we goes.

It would be a fitting end to a species that's done nothing but crap on everything.  But, please, wait till I've passed.  I don't want to be around for the final showdown.  I'm too old for this stuff.

Say a prayer for all the Irregulars who are facing physical problems and/or are dying.  Some of us are getting up there in years.

Thank you all, once again, for reading my blog.  I take great pleasure in writing it each week.  It's even more pleasurable when your audience agrees with you.  I love you all.

Get out there, if you can, and enjoy the waning days of 2017.  Me?  I'm hiding.  They say trouble comes in threes.  Rodgers' collar bone is one and Cory Mason is two, so who or what will be three?
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good news about yellowstone - its still there!
Yellowstone could be a game changer - but not in our lifetime
Goods news about Yellowstone is it will fix global warming when she blows.
Speaking of blowing - how about that crazy korean blowing more hot air about nukes.
Nobody outside of N. korea should pay any attention to his mindless rants.
And of course closer to home, we have the mindless voters putting in the troll Mason as mayor.
Dickert Disease continues to spread in Racine.
You can't fix stupid!