Tuesday, November 28, 2017

"A Better Area"

"It would have been a better idea to have bought out and bulldozed the MTP/Racine ghetto stock of dilapidated and crumbling buildings and former industrial sites around the former Case Foundry plant and build Foxconn in that area - close to the People who might work there, and the displaced people would have become many of the workers and fill the Uptown/Downtown market rate housing."

They were smart to locate next to the interstate.  While I like the idea of taking over the old Case Clausen Works land, willing workers no longer live in the immediate area.  The people there don't know how to work.  We'd be better off putting a prison there.


TSE said...

Rail traffic still goes through that area - and through the heart of the City of Racine, it would be ideal.

Walkable neighborhoods connected by Rail and Local Bus's would have worked.

Foxconn will create a automobile nightmare from Hell - ala California - which will never be resolved - assuming it ever actually gets built.

Foxconn CEO Terry Gou will eventually go away - when he's done playing with the petty bureaucrats who have ruined Wisconsin and are F***ing up the entire County and Farmland.

I proffer that with working conditions at Foxconn being likened to prison - the people in that area would make excellent prospective employees.

Workers at Foxconn, the Taiwanese electronics maker famously known for manufacturing Apple's iPhone, among other gadgets, used words like "prison" or "cage" to describe working conditions at the factory, according to a recent survey.

The workers quoted in the report complained about inhumane schedules requiring regular overtime work, stagnant wages and inflating dorm fees for factory beds, according to Global Post, who has been investigating Asian supply chains. The employee complaints were cited in surveys conducted by roughly 100 academics at China's top universities.


Workers at suicide-plagued Foxconn plants, which make some of the world's most sought-after gadgets, remain subject to onerous and illegal working conditions, according to a protest group which conducted hundreds of on-site interviews.

Labor group Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour, or SACOM, went to four Foxconn facilities and interviewed more than a hundred employees in March and April 2011, to survey the current working conditions. The report found staff working overtime that exceeded the legal limit, endless back-to-back shifts, and dormitories that feel like prison blocks.1


Foxconn = Prison!

TSE said...

The people there don't know how to work. We'd be better off putting a prison there.

Foxconn would teach them HOW to work in their prison/sweatshop.

The Communists have methods to enlighten the unenlightened in the way of work....

(like a bullet in the head - plus your family has to pay for that bullet)