Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my sweet rolls!  How are you?  I'm fine.  Better than fine, even.  Senor Zanza and Junior have promised to make us a luxurious Thanksgiving meal.  I don't have to do anything (except, perhaps, clean up the mess afterwards)..I love turkey, so they better make a good-sized one.  I love all the trimmings, too, so they should be working in the kitchen from 5 AM on.  Provided that they don't burn the house down, I think I'll just sleep in tomorrow.  I have no interest in the parades on TV.  Heck, I have no interest in the live thing. 

The Packers lost last week against Baltimore.  This Saturday night they're scheduled to play against Pittsburgh.  Bring out the meat wagon.  I wonder how many injuries we can rack up in this one.

This week's standings in the Irregular Football League:

I'd hex you all, but you're my friends.

President Bozo continued to put on a good show.  Next time, let's elect Dancing With The Stars president.  Donald just puts out fires with half-truths, confusing everyone.  Then it's on to the next inferno.  Talk about flip-flopping, Donald is like a fish out of water, all water.  After a year, and countless resignations and forced firings, I can't think of anything Donald has done for us except confuse North Korea, just like us.  I think that Kim Jong Un is completely baffled by a president that can sling the horseshit as well as he.  So, Kim Jong Un, bring it, or STFU.  He's like a tick that's burrowed under your skin and now you have to burn him out.  You decide who "he" is.

Mayor Mason completely surprised me by keeping his campaign promise to veto the Events Center.  Apparently the Common Council has the votes to override this veto, so it's all part of the political game show.  My God, Racine, start building a travel tube from here to the Foxconn site, like they have on Futurama, NOW!  We don't want to be left behind Kenosha again, especially in our own county.  Some skillfully placed Transporter Pods could help immensely, too.  Stop diddling around with the few blocks in drunk downtown and head out west, young man, head out west!

I love you all, my dears, each and every one.  Thank you so much for reading my blog.  Sometimes I can't even stand it.

Get out and enjoy whatever sunshine you can, like today.  I get sick of the gray days piling up like so much deadwood.  Have fun.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving.  And give thanks.
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