Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Dear Village Board

Dear Village Board,
Let's hope that the coming legal challenges, Impeach Walker movement,  inevitable set-backs, delays, logistic problems, and any major negative changes in the US Economy, such as if the price of energy increases substantially,or energy supplies falter, markets crash, or Trumps war in the Middle East, Africa, and with North Korea/China, will kill the Foxconn deal. Pax Americana.

At best - phase one will prove to be a disaster - and phases 2 and 3 will never happen. Employee turnover, absenteeism, low productivity, incompetence, excessive overtime, and an inability to compete in the Global Market will force Foxconn to abandon MTP.

The challenge is for you to prove us wrong - and I believe you will fail. Your plan B will be - Bankruptcy! You're starting out in negative territory with less than no eggs in your basket - but you've already counted your Roosters and Hens....

Thomas Cole and The Course of Empire:

Good luck.
Tim & Cindy

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