Monday, November 27, 2017

"Hunter From Colorado Claims Sasquatch Sexually Assaulted Him"

Darrel Whitaker lives in Glenwood Springs in Colorado, and he was out hunting and walking through woodland and came across a Sasquatch. He said the Sasquatch attacked him and then tried to rape him.
Sasquatch Dropped Out Of Tree Attacking Hunter 
Whitaker, aged 57, said that he had been walking through the woods on Sunday as he was going to check to find out if his hunting cabin had suffered from any damage over the winter. He said that a creature that looked a lot like a gorilla dropped down from out of a tree and then punched him in the face. 
Whitaker said that the creature was around 8 feet tall and that the punch it delivered had hurt a lot. He went on to say that the punch knocked him out and he fell to the floor. While he was trying to recover from the attack, the large creature began to tear at his clothing and was howling all the time. 
Creature Torn Off Hunters Clothing As He Lay On The Ground
The hunter said that when he had fully regained consciousness the creature had already torn off his pants and was trying to tear his underwear. At this point, Whitaker said that he grabbed his hunting knife and stabbed the creature in the shoulder and he turned and ran away.
The attack was then reported to the Colorado Parks, and Wildlife Agency along with the Glenwood Springs Police Department and both formed a joint investigation into the attack.
Upon investigation, some very large footprints were found at the site, and it is thought that they belong to the creature that attacked Whitaker. He is convinced that the creature who carried out the attack is a Sasquatch. However, investigators have said that it is more likely that the attacker was a very large and very hairy man. 
Search Is Now On For Sasquatch But Is DNA On The Knife? 
Police are now asking residents who live nearby if they saw anyone who matches the description of the suspect they are looking for. The victim of the attack said that the suspect was about 8 feet tall and very hairy, with brown hairs, dark eyes and he had feet that were very large. 
Police are asking anyone with any information to come forward and contact the Glenwood Springs Police or the Colorado Parks and Wildlife agency. Whether or not police are testing the knife that was used to stab the creature during its attack has not been mentioned. If the knife is available for testing then surely it would reveal whether the DNA from the blood on it was human or not.
 I'll bet he was ''asking' for it.

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TSE said...

I have a buddy who saw a Dogman while traveling to Whitewater - at night - The Beast if Bray Road has actually been sighted many times....

It’s been over 25 years since, as a Walworth County newspaper reporter for The Week, I broke the news that people were calling our local animal control officer to say they had seen what looked like a werewolf around Elkhorn, Wisconsin on Bray Road. People are still calling, emailing and messaging me, and yes, there are still sightings of large wolves or other canines walking upright — as well as reports of what witnesses say looks like a reddish-furred Bigfoot and odd light phenomena on Bray Road — but also widely spread around the US, Canada, and even South America.

But here is something I would never hope to see.... A Dogman with an unknown Green Entity on it's shoulder.... filmed down here at Tellico Lake, TN

Patty - stabilized: