Sunday, November 26, 2017


It'll just be added to your property tax bill.....

RACINE COUNTY — As negotiations among Racine County, the Village of Mount Pleasant and the Foxconn Technology Group progress, the county is preparing to help pay for the land.
The County Board on Tuesday approved bonding up to $80 million to help with interim financing to purchase land in Area One of the proposed project. That area lies between Interstate 94 and Highway H, and Highway KR and Braun Road.


TSE said...

Fascism is the melding of the State with the Corporate - and the granting to the Corporate rights superior to the Natural Person to the Corporate.

It always ends up BAD for the Natural Person.

Fascists believe that liberal democracy is obsolete, and they regard the complete mobilization of society under a totalitarian one-party state as necessary to prepare a nation for armed conflict and to respond effectively to economic difficulties. Such a state is led by a strong leader—such as a dictator, and a martial government composed of the members of the governing fascist party and former military commanders—to forge national unity and maintain a stable and orderly society. Fascism rejects assertions that violence is automatically negative in nature, and views political violence, war, and imperialism as means that can achieve national rejuvenation. Fascists advocate a mixed economy, achieving absolute control through protectionist and interventionist economic policies.

TSE said...

Let's hope that the people of Racine County are ready,willing and able to work those slave labor wage jobs 12 hours a day, 7 days a week - just to make ends meet - all for LCD TV's.

It ain't gonna happen.....

Money - now the Politicians will borrow Billions of $$$ - skim off the cream - and leave the former productive Farmlands of MTP a wasteland.