Friday, November 24, 2017

"Push Back"

Dear Village Board -

Some Communities don't allow mega-Corporations to destroy their sustainable environment.

A small Michigan township is making a stand against Nestle, temporarily blocking the company from pumping millions of gallons of groundwater for bottled water. Citizens near Evart, Michigan became outraged when Nestlé proposed to build even larger pipelines to increase the flow of water to its plant in Standwood. Global News CA details the local resistance to Nestlé’s proposed expansion to collect even more ground water:

It is time for MTP to do the same - and JUST SAY NO! to Foxconn.
Mr. Terry Gou - Foxconn CEO -  Concerned MTP Residents don't want your polluting manufacturing facility or wage slave labor in our Community.

Please - look elsewhere.

Tim & Cindy

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TSE said...

In conjunction with Cindy and MarketWatch - we have crunched the numbers for the deeply flawed Foxconn deal and believe that Governor Scott Walker is mathematically illiterate and merely reactionary.

See for yourself:


Tim & Cindy