Wednesday, November 29, 2017

"They elected me twice"

Dear Village Board,
The claim made by  Village President David DeGroot:

 “The villagers actually did pick (a trustee), they actually did vote in an election back in April and they elected me as trustee and they elected me as president,” DeGroot said. “They elected me twice knowing I couldn’t possibly serve both positions"

Can only mean one of two things -
1. DeGroot electors vote early and often OR:
2. There is a substantial and large number of low informed voters in MTP.
As for DeGroots claim that :

" I couldn’t possibly serve both positions"
Cindy and I not only agree - we claim that Dave is UNFIT for any government position - elected or appointed.
As for Dave's claim that ,"I don’t think the board is doing its job,”
Well, Dave has failed to do his job of protecting Taxpayers and making good decisions in accordance with a limited, constitutional,  and small government. Instead he has raised taxes; increased spending, bonding & debt service ; added additional unaccountable  taxpayer funded bureaucrats & services; increased salaries and benefits; and engaged in excessive and potentially unconstitutional political overreach. 
The only position Dave is suitable for is to be spanked out of office by the Concerned Residents of Mount Pleasant.

Clearly, stupidity knows no limits, nor is painful.

Tim & Cindy

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