Saturday, December 9, 2017

"An Unfit MTP Village President"

Dear Village Board,
Cindy wanted me to ask Village President David DeGroot what was the significance of the yellow/black striped tie he wore at the Foxconn Contract ceremony?
Please view the attached image:
The juxtaposition of yellow on black has an actual history, in regards to SNAKES:

Red Touch Yellow, Kills a Fellow. Red Touch Black, Friend of Jack
Nevertheless, perhaps the Yellow in Dave's tie signified the color of an Egg Yolk -

DeGroot Blames Village President Supporters In Egging Home, No Arrests Made

Mount Pleasant Trustee David DeGroot circulated a press release Friday March, 10 alleging that supporters of village president Jerry Garski egged his house in a politically motivated attack, though investigators are not so sure.
I am now asking that, in accordance with Cindy's request - that you provide me with a list of names of those who you believe were responsible. You do have some people in mind? - Right?
So what did the review of the video capture? Since according to RCE:
DeGroot captured the incident on a surveillance system that he finished installing only the day before. He  turned the video over to Investigators.
Lt. Detective Scott Geyer with the Mount Pleasant Police Department is investigating the incident. Asked if police had any reason to believe it was politically motivated, he responded, “No, I wouldn’t make that leap.”
There are no suspects at this time, Geyer said, but investigators are still reviewing the video.
Dave - in your opinion - did those Investigators do their due diligence?
Perhaps malfeasant in their duties to capture the culprits who egged your house?
According to Mr. DeGroot:
When DeGroot was asked why he waited 10 days to circulate the release, he said he wanted to wait until he had all his facts in order, “I couldn’t say that I turned the evidence over to the police.” He was still figuring out how to get the video out of the system.
When asked why he assumed the attack was politically motivated, DeGroot responded, “Why would it be anything else.”
The above aren't facts -

It is merely speculation and hearsay.
Dave - what do the voices in your head tell you?
Please tell us - because some of us are worried that you may be.... in need of medical attention.
Are you FIT to be Village President?

Cindy and I say NOT!
Tim & Cindy

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