Sunday, December 31, 2017

"Second lawsuit over Machinery Row expenses filed against city"

RACINE — A second lawsuit was filed against the City of Racine related to the derailed Machinery Row development, seeking compensation for property owners who were displaced because of the project.

The case, filed Thursday, has nine plaintiffs, most of which are businesses. They are suing the city and some of its representatives over the development plan once known as Machinery Row. The project, announced in 2014, was a $65 million riverfront development proposed by an Iowa developer. It was expected to be a commercial and residential development in a 20-acre area north of Water Street and east of Marquette Street, but it was never completed. Racine adopted a new plan for the area in November.

The Journal Times reported earlier this month that a tenant from one of the involved properties filed a lawsuit in circuit court against Racine seeking compensation for relocation expenses, among other alleged damages. A second lawsuit, this time filed in federal court, makes a variety of requests, including compensation for property, relocation expenses and damages.

The plaintiffs are: Richard Olson, Racine Indoor Motocross, Marquette Warehouse, Marquette Distribution Center, Urban Sustainable Aquaponics, Riverside Business Center, Sam Azarian & Sons Marina, Azar and Azarian Wrecking.

The city and its Redevelopment Authority are named as defendants, along with RDA Chairman James Spangenberg, City Development Assistant Director Matthew Sadowski, former City Administrator Tom Friedel and former Mayor John Dickert.

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legal stranger said...

Appears to be a bunch of shysters, cons, crooks and unscrupulous deviants all mixed together to hose the taxpayers.

TSE said...

Third times the charm - or so I'm told.

John Dickert won't just go away.

He's the stain you can't make disappear.