Friday, December 15, 2017

"Talking Racine Dissects the Fuzzy Math Behind the $765 Million Dollars Mt Pleasant and Racine County are Borrowing for the Foxconn Development"

Dear Village Board,
Cindy and I have just posted:


Please join Cindy and I is JUST SAYING NO to allowing Governor Scott Walker, Representatives Robin Vos,  Cory Mason & MTP President David DeGroot to violate the Wisconsin Constitution (and their Oath of Office) by granting special rights to Corporate interests, stealing people’s property, destroying multi-generational Farms alongside an entire long established Community, loosening environmental protections, permitting heavy metals water pollution, instituting slave labor wages, providing taxpayer subsidies to multi-billionaire Corporations, and politician overreach.


Tim & Cindy

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TSE said...

Kill your TV! And cell phone.

They call it PROGRAMMING for a reason -

It sells a perverted fantasy of Community and Life - and it's disciples are functionally degenerate and illiterate.