Tuesday, January 23, 2018

"Community packs town hall meeting following death of Donte Shannon"

From Racine County Eye:


Donte Shannon’s family acknowledges the 26-year-old didn’t always do the right thing when he was alive, but they struggle with not knowing the circumstances around his death and wonder why he was shot so many times.

Shannon fled on foot following a traffic stop and brandished a gun. A witness reported hearing officers tell Donte several times to drop the gun. He was shot Wednesday in the 1400 block of Park Avenue by Racine Police officers Chad Stillman and Peter Boeck. 

Now officials with the Wisconsin Department of Justice are investigating the shooting and are expected to report their findings to the Racine County District Attorney’s Office. Donte’s father Nakia Shannon said his son was shot 17 times, but that detail has not been confirmed by the DOJ.

At a town hall meeting Monday night, hundreds of community members, family, and friends filled the common council chambers at City Hall. Alderman John Tate II and Racine Mayor Cory Mason called the meeting so the community could ask questions about the shooting. 

“We want you to have the opportunity to say your peace and know that you are being listened to,” Tate said. “So ask questions, but know that we don’t have the answers. We will, however, work to get them from the Department of Justice.”

Attendees questioned where the gun was that Donte had when he ran from police, why Stillman and Boeck stopped Donte in the first place, why the officers didn’t have body cameras, and what the department’s procedures were around the use of force. 

“I hurt. I hurt for my family. But most of all, I hurt for my grandbaby who is never going to have her daddy,” Nakia said.

But Donte’s criminal history is peppered with drug charges of possession of marijuana, a hit-and-run, bail jumping, gun possession, and obstructing police. Some of those charges were dismissed, others were not over the past 10 years. 

“He may have done some things wrong, but he never did anything violent and never should have been shot 17 times,” Nakia said.

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TSE said...

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