Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Dear Madame Zoltar

Pssst.  Over here.  Wanna buy some pictures of the last honest man in Racine?  I'll send them to you if I can ever find them.  So, my dears, how are you?  The weather has given us a respite, but I'm sure we have more cold, ice and snow to deal with.  Typical Wisconsin winter weather.  I'm not going to complain.  To whom?  Ma Nature?  She's like an acid burnout now.  It explains climate change.  The person in charge of our weather has suffered a complete breakdown.  Can't anyone do anything about it?

It's been a bit turbulent in Racine and Mount Pleasant lately.  There was that innocent couple who were struck and maimed by that sliding SUV.  The man who had piloted the stolen vehicle had just gotten out of jail on $3,000 bail for serious offenses.  You can donate to help the couple out at Festival Foods:

Then we have the killing of Donte Shannon by two Racine police officers, one of whom had been the shooter of Kurt Hanson's dog, Angel.  The black community in Racine erupted, before all the facts were known.  And even after all the facts were known.  Unfortunately, Mr. Shannon had a history of such behavior.  It's hard for me to get behind a criminal, especially if he was waving a gun in their faces.  NEVER pull a gun on a cop.  No matter what else happens, you will end up wounded, if not dead.  Even the local NAACP has reserved judgment.

The big news today is that Unified's Lolli Haws is leaving RUSD for a position in Iowa.  It will be nice to hear "Moooo," rather than the crack of gunfire and the whine of police sirens.  I just can't take anything that happens at Unified seriously anymore.  I can't believe how much education has changed since I was a child.  And I can't help but believe that if they returned to the methods used in my childhood, they might get the results that we did: productive members of society.

It's hard for me to believe that Junior will ever be productive.  I know that he wants to get reproductive with a couple of girls, but not productive like a job.  His grades have improved since Señor Zanza started tutoring him.  I get all the goodness of a husband from Señor Zanza and none of the hassle.  He's one in a million, gals, and I'm never letting him go.

I have to get going.  These early morning literary excursions leave me exhausted, at the start of the day.  I have a couple of appointments today.  And the weather is supposed to be tolerable.

Stay warm and stay aligned with your moral code.  To hell with what society thinks.  In fact, it doesn't "think," it just reacts.  I love every last one of you.
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