Monday, January 29, 2018

"DOT's Foxconn-related road construction plan coming"

From The Journal

 MOUNT PLEASANT — Starting in the late summer, drivers should begin to see road signs and detours related to the proposed Foxconn Technology Group project in Mount Pleasant.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is finalizing plans for road construction on Interstate 94, Braun Road, highways H and KR, and the interstate frontage road that include lane closures and detours.

However, according to Michael Pyritz, regional communication manager for DOT, the department is still working on forming traffic patterns related to the contruction.

“There are a lot of items that we don’t have yet as far as the construction schedule for what Foxconn is going to be doing,” Pyritz said. “We have to mesh that with the utilities, when are they going to be moving? So there are a lot of parts that are involved with something like that.”

Pyritz said there likely will be a public meeting in March that will have more details about the road construction

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1 comment:

TSE said...

Wisconsin's Union Road Builders must be celebrating the Bonanza in lucrative State Contracts.

All of Racine COunties eggs are in one basket! FOXCONN OR BUST!

Cindy and I are betting on *BUST*!

Good luck to those brave enough to face the ever increasing and steeply rising taxes which will be necessary to fund this latest Political Boondoggle.