Saturday, January 20, 2018

"Family of man killed by Racine police march on City Hall"

Donte Shannon, 26, died Wednesday


OrbsCorbs said...

Yesterday, the Journal Times was reporting 250 people marching on City Hall. Today they are saying 200. And this, from WISN Channel 12, says 100. Tomorrow, it will be down to 50.

TSE said...

Where is any video evidence/proof?

Pics of the crowd?

Pics of the sit in at Racine City Hall?

How convenient that Racine Mayor Cory Mason slipped out the back window and was unavailable!

OK - the video shows 50 - 100.

Shit - Pulled over by the Man for not having a FRONT PLATE! WTF?????

Hell yeah - that's hassling!

Here in TN I don't have a front plate because it's NOT a Fascist Police State - they save $$$ and only issue ONE plate - for the rear!

So I be driving every day illegal in WI!

FUK DA POLICE - and their Politician Overlords who use them as Revenue Officers for the State!

Turn off your TV and end the Programming!

TSE said...

Racine police said the unmarked squad car didn't have a dashboard camera, unlike the marked squad cars. Racine police officers aren't equipped with body cameras.

LOL! - so No Tangible Evidence - AGAIN!

Just the Cops words against a dumb worthless Nigger - and that is what the paper claims - cuz he was using NON-PRESCRIPTION Drugs - and didn't want to be hassled by Cops for what amounts to nothing but acting as a Revenue Officer to enrich Mayor Cory Mason and his wife, Rebecca, by entangling them in some BULLSHIT minor "ORDINANCE VIOLATION"

Driving while Black without a Front License Plate -

Wake the fuck up ORBS!

Racine's Niggers got a valid complaint!

TSE said...

DRUGS aren't the Problem -

They are the SYMPTOM of the Problem.

Your Masters - Cory and Rebecca Mason are the Problem.

The NIGGERS are right.

Get off your high Horse and HATE.

Take a trip to your drugdealer.

TSE said...

Seems to me that the Chinese Government might have a legitimate complaint against the US Government for invading some space without proper authority and ID - so should China Nuke the USA?

Beijing Outraged As US Warship Sails Within 12 Miles Of Contested Island

The new year is barely three weeks old and already the US Navy’s “freedom of navigation” operations are eliciting furious threats of retaliation from the Chinese military.

Since President Donald Trump took office one year ago, the Navy and Air Force have increasingly sought to test the Chinese military response in the Pacific by sailing or flying within a certain perimeter - usually 12 miles - of one of China’s disputed territorial holdings in the South China Sea, according to RT.

In the latest clash, the USS Hopper missile destroyer sailed within 12 nautical miles of Huangyan Dao, a tiny island claimed by China, on Jan. 17.

Racine Police Department outraged as a Nigger drives without a front plate.

What's the difference?

China can actually shoot back (with Nukes) and has credible deterrence.

Dumb Niggers in Racine at best only got a small caliber pistol and are fair game.

TSE said...

Consider the following:

Should it be any Surprise – that the Mayor demands that his Police act as Revenue Officers and are required to generate $2M+ in “activity” by hassling, harassing, intimidating, inspecting any and all activity which is subject to micro-managing by unaccountable Bureaucrats in offices of Profit and Trust? The costs may be monetized – but the costs in human terms is staggering!

So – the Probable cause for initiating a traffic stop and accusing a person of being a criminal wasn’t displaying a front license plate. While former Mayor John Dickert claimed to have fired an Embezzler employed by City of Racine – but that person was never identified, and the City was not only sued, but agreed to pay John Dickert’s legal expenses of over $100,000?!

Would you like to be painted Black?