Thursday, January 11, 2018

"He's running: Madison Mayor Paul Soglin joins Democratic field to challenge Gov. Scott Walker "

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin is joining the crowded field for the Democratic nod to face Republican Gov. Scott Walker in November.

In an announcement Wednesday, Soglin made official what he has foreshadowed since last summer. Among 17 Democrats eyeing a run for governor, Soglin becomes one of the most widely known and, potentially, among the most formidable.

Whether he gains traction statewide may hinge, in part, on whether Soglin’s longtime leadership of Wisconsin’s capital city and liberal stronghold becomes an asset — or as Republicans contend, a liability.

Soglin made the announcement in an early morning statement, then planned to meet with voters and media outlets across the state this week and next, starting Wednesday in Waukesha.

Speaking to reporters in Madison on Wednesday, Soglin cast himself as Walker’s superior in knowing how to grow the state’s economy.

“I’ve got 25 years’ experience in the private sector,” Soglin said. “What does Scott Walker have?”

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