Sunday, January 21, 2018

How Much Do Taxpayers Spend on City of Racine’s Mayor Office?

A reminder that:

 So – the Probable cause for initiating a traffic stop and accusing a person of  being a criminal wasn’t displaying a front license plate. While former Mayor John Dickert claimed to have fired an Embezzler employed by City of Racine – but that person was never identified, and the City was not only sued, but agreed to pay John Dickert’s legal expenses of over $100,000?! Since Mr. DIckert was ruled to be acting as Mayor while campaigning on  a radio show. 


So White Privilege and Racism can't possibly exist in Racine.

The scales of Justice are always held in the balance.


Tim & Cindy

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TSE said...

Better yet was when Racine County DA Rich Chiapettes Wife, Jennifer, lied to the cops as to his whereabouts after Rich crashed his VW Bug into a street sign pole, driving while impaired, ran from the scene of his crime, then lied to the Cops claiming to be asleep in his residence while he was committing a crime - crimes for which He and his wife Jennifer were never charged with.

Dumb Niggers don't even have a clue.