Friday, January 19, 2018

"Hundreds attend Yorkville hearing, express Foxconn anxieties"

Jean Urry speaks in front the Yorkville Town Board and Plan Commission and a full house at the public hearing on the proposed amendment to the town  land use plan. The hearing was held Wednesday at Union Grove Elementary School  

UNION GROVE — Hundreds of Yorkville residents filled the gym at Union Grove Elementary School Wednesday night and vocalized their fears for the future and a desire to protect their small rural community.

During a public hearing on proposed changes to the town’s land use plan, resident Jo Halladay called the informational meeting a “shock meeting.”

“It was you telling us what you were going to do,” said Halladay. “You didn’t even do a great selling job on it.”

Town resident Joseph Bergs took issue with how the plan was put together.

“This is not how town government should work,” he said. “We should’ve had input.”

The Racine County Economic Development and Land Use Planning Committee also had a hearing on the proposal on Monday. A handful of community members found out and spoke at the hearing asking committee members not to pass the amendment. The committee decided to table it until the town had held its hearing and made a final decision.

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