Saturday, January 27, 2018

"Mount Pleasant asks for dismissal of lawsuit over Foxconn"

From The Journal

MOUNT PLEASANT — The Village of Mount Pleasant wants a lawsuit filed over land acquisition for Foxconn Technology Group’s manufacturing development dismissed.

Twelve homeowners filed a federal lawsuit against the village and its president Jan. 8, claiming they were not receiving the same treatment as other people who will lose their property in relation to the Foxconn project. The village’s request, filed Tuesday, makes a variety of arguments, including that the plaintiffs’ complaints come too early for a court to play a role.

The property owners allege that Mount Pleasant plans to use eminent domain to take their land. Other people, they argue, are receiving seven to 10 times the fair-market value of their property so that thee village can take the land for Foxconn’s liquid crystal display panel manufacturing campus. The road and utility expansions for which the plaintiffs’ property is expected to be taken would not occur if not for Foxconn, the homeowners say. They argue they should receive the same treatment as the other property owners.


TSE said...

Fortunately this action is being heard in Federal Court, where any decision will likely be based upon the merits and actual legal positions of the Litigants.

Hopefully David DeGroot will learn that he isn't a little dictator, after all!

Anonymous said...

HA! More than 80% of all courts are corrupt
remember it pays to play

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