Friday, January 12, 2018

"The DNR Dodge - Talking Racine"

Talking Racine episode 53 discusses the DNR Knowles Nelson grant received by the City of Racine for a promenade walkway on the failed Machinery Row development. Racine donated it’s own property back to itself so to acquire a $470.000 DNR grant to cover taxes and contractor liens on the Machinery Row project.

Of course having former home-builder and John Dickert's Home girl, Cathy Stepp as head of the DNR greased the wheels and turned heads at the DNR to look the other way - even though they were provided with knowledge that it was a SCAM.

After the City of Racine officials manipulated the Racine Taxpayers in loaning $4.5 Million to a straw man developer on  the failed Machinery Row project and receiving $450,000 on money that was kicked back from the sellers of Machinery Row. That kickback money was placed in a secret account which officials had access to. However City officials needed more money to cover more costs on the failed Machinery Row project. They made it appear developer Blackwell was donating land back to the City so to acquire $470,000 in a DNR Knowles Nelson grant. The money was placed in another account to pay taxes and contractors liens that were not paid.

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