Saturday, January 20, 2018

"Witnesses hear more than 12 shots in fatal police shooting"

They have three witnesses, so that equals more than 36 shots.


TSE said...

I also heard a bunch of White Politicians claiming that by spending Millions on Porters, Pointe Blue, Machinery Row and Uptown Artists; that Racine would be resuscitated.

How many numbers have been expended on Machinery Row - let's see....

Well, it's hard to tell - but it now numbers MILLIONS - yet some dumb Niggers can only count to 32.

Wish it was like that when White People Count.

Racine - A devastated City on a Great Lake Run by Small Minded White People. WWII Germany didn't need to bomb Racine - because it would self destruct.

Enjoy the incessant Stupidity and Greed.

Anonymous said...

How does that saying go?
figures lie and liars figure