Friday, February 23, 2018

Baby Raper Takes Lead in "Jaw Up" Mugshot Challenge

Our current leader in the Jaw Up Challenge is a sex fiend from Kentucky:

"Vincent V. Judd-Rapp, 25, whose last known address is in the 8700 block of the Sharon Grove Road in Lewisburg, Kentucky, was found guilty by a jury in December of felony counts of first-degree sexual assault of a children under age 12 and failure to register to the sex offender registry."

I hope that Bubba and his "girlfriends" lower that jaw by about 6 inches.  Arrogant piece of shit.

Here's another example of "jaw dropping:"

Isaiah DeGroot is the piece of shit who handed over $3K bond money to get out and fuck up big time.  He stole a vehicle.  He had a stolen gun. He crashed near Festival Foods  He took off the leg of a male pedestrian, and a leg and arm of his female companion, who remains in a coma.  DeGroot, of course, ran from the crash.

Look at his mug shit above. In an act of defiance,  DeGroot pointed his chin at the booking camera.  He is such a tough guy after destroying the lives of others and then running away.

Below is DeGroot's photo after he's been processed:

That defiant chin has dropped considerably.

I think judges should be allowed to consider mug shots in sentencing.  Just look at the mug shots of local "bad asses:" their chins are all held high, too high, as of they're proud of what they've done.

You can read about the developing story of Isaiah DeGroot in Racine County Corruption 

I suggest that we amputate all of his limbs, without anesthetic, and throw him in the gutter.


Anonymous said...

good challenge
wonder how high that chin will be when they are butt f#cked in prison by bubba

OrbsCorbs said...

I'm gonna get arrested and hold my chin so high that all you see are the bottom of my beard and my Adam's apple.