Tuesday, February 27, 2018

"Government cannot, and WILL NOT, protect you"

Government cannot, and WILL NOT, protect you

Glenn Reynolds points this out in USA Today:
The chief problem facing America today is the decline of its institutions, coupled with the denial of that decline by the people in charge of its institutions. The latest example of this problem is the Parkland school shooting in Florida. From the FBI, to local law enforcement, to the schools, everyone failed. There was failure early, there was failure in the middle, and there was failure late. And no one has taken responsibility.
I would put 130 million alien settlers first, but to be sure, the decline of American institutions is certainly high up there on the list of problems.

Government must always be regarded suspiciously, even when it is doing nothing more nefarious than declaring that the sky is blue or the temperature is warm. Distrust and verify must always be our watchwords.

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