Friday, February 23, 2018

"Miller, Leinies and Coors Light themed bars coming to new Milwaukee Bucks arena"

From JSOnline:

Are there any public dollars in this?  This is the way to build an arena: they have commitments from numerous vendors, most notably Miller beer and its "friends." 

You build the arena AFTER you get commitments, not the other way around, Racine.

I've come to believe that there is a huge financial drain on our city that is not publicly acknowledged.  Milwaukee builds an arena and there's no parking meters in downtown Kenosha, but Racine can't duplicate either of these feats.  Why?  Ask the guys at the very top of the downtown building that houses Dewey's Restaurant And Sports Bar, at the southwest corner of 6th and Main Streets.  They're the pigs that run the city.  They're the ones pocketing the money made from our tax dollars..  They want nothing to change.


A mass shooting up there would create an entire new world of opportunities in Racine.

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