Sunday, February 18, 2018

"Racine County DA Trish Hanson Must Once Again Choose to Decide 'What Is the Truth?'"-

RACINE — One month to the day since Donte D. Shannon was shot by Racine police after allegedly brandishing a gun, the Wisconsin Department of Justice investigation into the incident is nearing completion.

In a statement Friday afternoon, Johnny Koremenos, the director of communications for the DOJ, wrote: “DOJ anticipates having all investigative reports and evidence to the DA next week for review.”

Racine County District Attorney Tricia Hanson will be the one to decide if charges against the two officers involved in the shooting are merited, according to the DOJ.

Hanson, speaking Jan. 29 to a crowd of demonstrators outside the Racine County Courthouse, 730 Wisconsin Ave., said that when the report is finished, she will need time to review it and then will sit down with the family.

“They get to be first in this process,” she said. “The entire investigation will be published after I have an opportunity to meet with the family … I will make every effort to achieve total transparency with the community. I understand you have questions, and those questions need to be answered. I just can’t answer them now.”

Nakia Shannon, Donte Shannon’s father, said he was disappointed to learn the status of the investigation from the newspaper and would have preferred to have heard directly from the Department of Justice.

Nakia said he is hopeful that he will be able to be in the room when the district attorney receives the report and evidence so that nothing is redacted.

Two Racine police officers, Chad Stillman and Peter Boeck, were put on administrative leave after the Jan. 17 shooting. The shooting reportedly occurred after a traffic stop near the intersection of 14th and Villa streets.

The first time around, Racine County Deputy DA Trish Hanson  chose to provide cover for her boss, Racine County DA Rich Chiapete and make the claim that she failed to act because the Racine Police locked up the Police Report and would not allow her to view it!


So what will it be for Donte Shannon vs. Racine Police Department?

Thumbs UP! or Thumbs DOWN!

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TSE said...

In Racine - Truth is stranger than fiction.

In the land of the mentally ill, the sane man is regarded as crazy.