Saturday, February 17, 2018

"Racine police involved shooting reports expected to go to DA next week"

From The Journal

17 hours ago

Donte Shannon
RACINE — One month to the day since Donte D. Shannon was shot by Racine police after allegedly brandishing a gun, the Wisconsin Department of Justice investigation into the incident is nearing completion.

In a statement Friday afternoon, Johnny Koremenos, the director of communications for the DOJ, wrote: “DOJ anticipates having all investigative reports and evidence to the DA next week for review.”

Racine County District Attorney Tricia Hanson will be the one to decide if charges against the two officers involved in the shooting are merited, according to the DOJ.

Hanson, speaking Jan. 29 to a crowd of demonstrators outside the Racine County Courthouse, 730 Wisconsin Ave., said that when the report is finished, she will need time to review it and then will sit down with the family.

“They get to be first in this process,” she said. “The entire investigation will be published after I have an opportunity to meet with the family … I will make every effort to achieve total transparency with the community. I understand you have questions, and those questions need to be answered. I just can’t answer them now.”

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It will be months more before the public gets to hear about the investigation's findings.  The longer they can drag it out, the less likely there will be any violence.


TSE said...

No Justice - No Peace.

What's not to understand?

Donte Shannon was a SAINT compared to former Racine County DA Rich Chiapete.

The only OTHER differences are:

Skin Color

Social Position

Political Connections.

Rich Chiapete and his wife Jennifer are supreme dirtbag - but they got connections all the way up to Governor Walker - so a pass is just de riguer.

Same with current Racine County DA Trish Hanson.

The TRASH is on the inside - not the outside.

Skin Color merely hides what is inside - which is why John Dickert was such a *DISASTER* for Racine.

Enjoy the decline.

Clint Teeters said...

What a cute comment.

TSE said...

Wait until the Oppressed say to their Oppressors that they can't pay their property taxes any more because they are so confiscatory that they are wiped out of financial existence. Then we'll see who the actual Criminals are!

Governments are bereft of real resources, are desperate to acquire same, and will be inconceivably—by today’s standards—rapacious in doing so. That’s quite a statement, because even today they’re pretty damn larcenous.

A generalized crash will also clarify the central conflict of our time: government and it’s string-pullers, minions, beneficiaries, and cheerleaders versus everybody else. Such a characterization suggests a deepening of today’s polarization. Unfortunately, as order breaks down, it will be everybody else versus everybody else, too. Good-bye polarization, hello atomization.

And order will break down. Government always and everywhere rule by force, fraud, and intimidation, but force, fraud, and intimidation need to be paid, preferably in something that can be exchanged for groceries or shoes for the kids. History suggests that the government and central bank will depreciate (speaking of fraud) their fiat debt instruments—Federal Reserve Notes, US Treasury debt, and central bank credit balances—to their marginal cost of production, or zero.

When governments are bankrupt, their praetorians forage—a nice word for theft and extortion. They’ll be competing with hordes of foraging civilians, many of whom will be armed. In such a scenario, one identifiable group has a fighting chance, and it will involve fighting and lots of it. That, of course, is the group who have either been preparing for such a scenario for years or have the skill set and mental fortitude necessary to adapt to it. Much scorned, this group may get the last laugh, but it will be a grim one.