Friday, February 2, 2018

"Shannon's gun taken as evidence, says Professional Police Association"

Disturbing - VERY Disturbing!
Why is the Wisconsin Professional Police Association making statements concerning evidence allegedly collected at a crime scene? It seems that some conclusions of law based upon Hearsay have been entered into the public realm!
And the WPPA is a 501c-5 NON-PROFIT and Tax Exempt ORGANIZATION!

Shannon's gun taken as evidence, says Professional Police Association

RACINE — The gun Donte Shannon allegedly had in his possession before police shot and killed him Jan. 17 was turned in as evidence in the ongoing investigation, the Wisconsin Professional Police Association said in a statement this week.

Two Racine Police officers were placed on paid administrative leave as the Wisconsin Department of Justice investigates the incident.

According to a Jan. 22 DOJ press release, “Two Racine police officers, identified as Chad Stillman and Peter Boeck, conducted a traffic stop near the intersection of 14th Street and Villa Street. The driver of the vehicle, 26-year-old Donte D. Shannon of Racine, fled on foot and was pursued by the officers. The officers witnessed Mr. Shannon brandish a firearm and responded with gun fire, striking him.”

Since the shooting, community members have been questioning the reports of the event, including the information about the brandished firearm.Read more:

Read more:

Just who IS the Wisconsin Professional Police Association?

The Wisconsin Professional Police Association is the largest law enforcement labor union in the state, representing local police, sheriff’s deputies and other officers. It serves almost 11,000 active and retired members in 380 locals. It does not represent Milwaukee police officers, who are covered by a separate union. The WPPA engages in collective bargaining and legislative lobbying.

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TSE said...

Unsubstantiated claims by a Non-Profit Tax-Exempt Organization based in Madison WI.

Claiming that killing Niggers in the streets of the City of Racine is acceptable.

How many of those shots will be determined to be "through the back"?

Since the WPPA has entered the political realm - it may be time for the IRS to investigate and REVOKE their tax-exempt status.