Wednesday, February 28, 2018

"Stop the Hate!"

Dear Village Trustees -
When does the David DeGroot Circus act end?
If you are not sensible enough to be embarrassed by his David DeGroots grossly inappropriate actions -  how then do you conduct yourself in a public forum?

Last night, I spoke during public comments at the Village Board meeting - as I usually do.

Fortunately, because David DeGroot for Village President has taken a break from his obsessive and weird website dedicated to me, I was able to speak about an actual issue instead of handing out copies of his posts to Village Trustees and talking about how he would benefit from psychiatric counseling.
I spoke about how the Village has not fully utilized emergency vehicle preemption devices and instead wants to put up half a station which cannot possibly be constructed for the price the Chief has claimed it will cost. (If you want to do it - be honest about the cost)

Ernie spoke about how Village agendas give so little information about actions to be discussed and voted on - that no resident could ever possibly know what was happening. To prove his point, he had agendas for a joint meeting between Caledonia and MTP. The Mt. Pleasant agenda gave no detail at all, while the Caledonia contained plenty of information - both for the same meeting.

Ernie gave a copies of each to the clerk before the meeting started to be given to the trustees. When it was his turn, he asked if they had them. DeGroot said he didn't - and Ernie asked the clerk if she had given them out. It was just a few moments of confusion, but David DeGroot for Village President started yelling at Ernie, "just go, just go!" It was crazy because he was so instantly belligerent - to a resident making public comment.

There were a number of County Board Supervisors in the meeting for a closed session, and you could see the looks of shock on their faces.

The meeting continues and it moves on to the EMS station. Chief Stedman begins his presentation not by giving any facts or useful data, but by accusing Gary Feest of going behind his back and giving me information to use in my public comment - which he had not.

You could see the looks of embarrassment on the faces of the firemen in the room. Shaking their heads, covering their faces. I felt embarrassed for them too.

This is just a Monday night at Village Hall. Unprofessional and nasty. It's hard to know if they don't care how they look to outside people or if they think everyone acts this way.
Do you approve of the horrible behavior of MTP Village President David DeGroot?
It is offensive and might actually qualify as  DISORDERLY CONDUCT under WI State Statutes.
David DeGroot is not fit, qualified, or has the proper temperament to perform his statutory duties and need to be removed from Office. Censor is "a good start".
STOP THE HATE! It is counterproductive and leading MTP down the path to ruin!
Tim & CIndy

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