Sunday, March 25, 2018

"Commentary by Chief Art Howell: Professionalism of our police officers has been revealed"

"During the course of the past two months, the vitality and character of our community has been placed on full display for all to see. While facing a challenging and highly emotional event, the strength, courage and professionalism of the sworn men and women who serve our community was revealed as well"

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TSE said...

Time after time, lie after lie....

Arthur Howell's best attribute is to continue to calm Residents and continue to LOOT them.

Just pay up - SUCKER!

OrbsCorbs said...

Legal stranger spends quite a bit of time talking with Howell and he doesn't even live in Racine.

Here's RPD's professionalism: "My gun was stolen by a prostitute." The inspector was busted up in Milwaukee for entertaining a prostitute who apparently stole his gun and sold it before he even knew it was missing.