Wednesday, March 28, 2018

"Commentary by United Way: Racine County women: Building community through philanthropy"

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"Women are at the forefront of the philanthropic movement in this country. In nearly half of all U.S. households, women provide the main source of income and make the majority of spending decisions. Currently, more than half of the nation’s personal wealth belongs to women. In 10 years, women will comprise the majority of the country’s wealthiest people, according to estimates.

"Women wield this extensive philanthropic ability thoughtfully. Women are more likely to give—and to give more than twice as much—regardless of marital status.

"Despite these statistics, women are simultaneously one of our community’s most vulnerable demographics. Households headed by single mothers are Racine’s largest demographic of people living in poverty, making up 54 percent of poverty households."

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I had no idea that women yield such economic power.  Find me a rich one who is half-dead and looking for someone to give her money to.  I'll treat her with respect and honor until she croaks.  I'll even be her caretaker, but I want to be paid for that.

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