Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my p's and q's!  How are you?  Does the warmer weather make it more difficult to concentrate on your job?  It's the end of March already.  Some of my tulips are sending up leaves.  They may get nipped if we drop below freezing levels.  Heck, I've seen it snow in May.  Take nothing for granted with Wisconsin weather.

Foxconn horseshit dominates the local news and probably will for some time to come.  Fine.  I've stopped reading the stories and just take in the headlines.  I don't want to catch Foxconn fever.  It has infected most of Racine's officials.  Notice that Foxconn is planning on building as far away from the city of Racine as you can and still stay in Racine county.  How soon before a shanty town springs up to service the workers' needs?  How many prostitutes will move out there?  How many new ones will start up?

It may be a blessing that the development is as far away from Racine as it is.  If all hell breaks loose, we'll be insulated by distance.  I hope.  How about we move our problem bars out there?  Oh, and the gang-bangers would love it out there with all that open space for shooting each other.  And what about the suicide nets?  Are we getting them?  Can we retrofit them to the municipal buildings in Racine?

Here's an idea: how about a floating casino out on Lake M?  People can lose all their money there and then drown themselves. (No suicide nets on the casino.  It looks bad.)  We can run a shuttle service to the casino every half hour.  Or hop into your boat and anchor near the casino.  A shuttle craft will pick you up.  Man oh man, we could make some real money off of that.  I don't gamble, but I would be at the casino to see the performers I like.  And have a great meal of filet mignon and steak fries.  Oh my, now I've made myself hungry.  I have no steak to eat, just a lot of eggs and toast.

I see that Mr. Trump continues with the madness act.  How many White House staffers has he fired this year?  He must think he's still on the TV show, "The Apprentice."  He makes up "facts" and readily admits it.  He lies like a rug.  He always appeals to personality over principle.  He strikes me as not being very smart, but who needs brains to ruin a country?  Ruin?  I meant "run."  Ha!  Instead of putting up a wall on our border, how about we just put it around the White House?

That's from Pink Floyd's album, "The Wall,"  Mr. Trump should listen to it daily.  "We don't need no thought control..."  What we do need is the truth.  Good luck trying to get that out of Mr. Trump.

North Korea and China are both pissed off at us.  Mr. Trump gets in there and tells them more lies.  He tries to play one off of the other, but they both want our heads.   I suspect that North Korea can be more easily handled than China.  Either way, they are both nuclear powers and both much more willing to use those nukes than we are.  When a goofball like Mr. Trump gets involved, anything could happen.  Anything.

Thank you for reading my blog this week.  I love company, so tell all your friends to read my blog, too.  We are family here.  I love family.  I love you.

Don't forget to vote next Tuesday, April 3.  Thousands have died defending your right to vote.  Do it, or watch the nut jobs win the elections.  The people we elect next Tuesday will foster in the opening of the Foxconn facility.  Or maybe they will just jump off of the roof.
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