Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Dear Madane Zoltar

Dear Santa Claus,

For Christmas, I would like You to punch the person in the face who cut me off in traffic yesterday.  I'm still very pissed off.  And he had a baby in the car without a child seat.


Madame Zoltar


My own yells of pain awoke me this morning.  I've had this moving pain in my left shoulder area for months.  Christ, I wonder what the neighbors think."Listen dear.  That crabby old man is finally getting some."

I hate getting older, although my primary care physician said I'm tolerating it well.  It becomes the catch-all phrase for any and every thing he can't figure out.  I remember him blowing smoke up my mother's ass.  Now it's my turn.

There's a new breed of weather robots that "learn" your patterns and then figures out the best way to negate such feelings.  It never ends.

Bah, humbug!

Stop waiting around for your Prince Charming to appear.  He's come and gone thousands of times.  They say the "plain Janes" are the best catches,  People who are not gorgeous still have needs.

Mr. OrbsCorbs is probably catching up on a few facelifts.  Done with a stiletto.

We'll call this a day so we can get back to helping rebuild the center.

I love you all.

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