Monday, March 26, 2018

Open Blog - Monday

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OrbsCorbs said...

I lost a drag race yesterday to an old F150. How embarrassing. It wasn't really my race, but I saw these two guys yelling shit back and forth at the stoplight. I pulled up in lane 3. The guy in the f150 kept gunning his engine with his foot on the brake. His exhaust pipe literally came out of the bed of his truck. "Hmmm," I thought," he doesn't live in an emissions testing city. Or the truck is just titled elsewhere." The guy in the F150 caught on that I wanted in on the race. It looked to be a piece of junk, with big,knobby tires. It looked as bad as my old '76 F150. The third guy couldn't see me because the jacked-up F159 was between us. That guy was driving something much newer than either of our vehicles I have a '96 Sonoma (s10) with a 4.3L V-6 and 180,000 miles on it.

The light turned green and I floored it. To my surprise, the F150 kept up and then pulled away. The other guy kept up with the F150. He must have had a 351 in there, right? With no power-robbing emissions garbage. Those two were still head-to-head when I had to turn off for my street. I wonder how fast they ended up going? This is what all the rebuilding of Hwys. 31 and 20 were for.

OrbsCorbs said...

Someone broke into my storage area in the basement. The stall next to mine was unoccupied, so someone cut the chicken wire separating the two units and started helping themselves to my stuff. I HATE thieves and liars (usually one and the same). When I moved in it was 55 and older here. Now anyone can live here, including thieves. I called my insurance agent and my renter's insurance has a $500 deductible. I don't remember what all I had in there, but I first noticed that my air hoses were missing. And the bin looked half empty. Shit! Whenever something like this happens, I remind myself what a piece of shit I was in my youth. I'd steal whatever I want. Now I'm on the other end. I'd love to hide in the storage bin and then surprise whoever the thief is. You take my tools, you take my living. Tools and books - never lend them out.

OrbsCorbs said...

I'm really stung. My sense of security here has been violated. I remember when moving in, I made a comment and one of the people helping me move said I wouldn't have to worry about thieves here because it was a 55-and-older building. Well, 5 months later they sold it and now it's open to anyone, including thieves. Meanwhile, my credit has sunk into the toilet and I don't think I could move if I wanted to. I may empty the storage bin and cram it all into the apartment somehow.

My renter's insurance has a $500 deductible. It's only good for catastrophic loss like a fire.

I may empty the bin and somehow jam it all into the apartment. I HATE living with thieves.