Monday, March 26, 2018

Open Letter to Rep.Neubauer

Rep. Neubauer ,

As a citizen who sat attentively listening to the concerns of fellow citizens, I wish to share some observations of today's event.

The Bryant center has a great location, but its gymnasium is not conducive to good audio quality.
I along with most others in the audience struggled to understand what the speakers were saying.
A good portion of each person's story was lost in unintelligible speech as a result of the sound system used at the center. 
The volume was good, but the words by the speakers were not clearly heard. 
After the meeting, many shared the same audio issues and a few choose not to speak due to the center's audio quality.
Please take this input constructively and make appropriate changes in your next listening session. 
May I suggest in the future you use a venue like a Gateway classroom, school auditorium or the downtown city library.

As you heard from several speakers today, gun violence is a symptom of others forces at work in our society. The NRA makes for popular bashing in many circles, but is not our communities problem.
As a community, we must find comprehensive answers to complex and complicated issues that affect our well being, our ability to thrive and our safety.

The most disturbing comment was from a man who stated he lived in fear, not only for himself but also his child. Lived in fear from criminals and also of the police and any contact he may have with the police.  I have heard this plenty of times. This fear appears to be a common thread among many in our community. As a community, we need to fix that ASAP. Without trust in our government agencies, we are doomed.
Fear will be one of my many future topics when I again meet with Art Howell. 

In the interim, I wish you to think about the following;
We have an accountability problem - in today's culture - we no longer hold individuals accountable for their actions, or the lack of their actions.
In government we allow negligent, derelict, incompetent people to foster and operate without accountability - worse yet - often with impunity.
In the recent Florida school shooting, we have four government agencies who failed to act upon information and knowledge, leaving  the children unprotected.

Here is the ugly truth.
Many government agencies acting both individually and collectively failed to act upon knowledge gleaned from their investigations and information provided to these agencies by concerned citizens. 
SEE SOMETHING - SAY SOMETHING fell upon the deaf ears of derelict, incompetent  government officials.
The FBI, Broward County Sheriff Office, Broward County Mental Health and the School District are complicit in the deaths of those students.
Did I say ugly truth? I meant very ugly truth.

Legal Stranger

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